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Our Supporters and How to Help our Work

Evesham Street Pastors is a registered charity number 1156750

Evesham Street Pastors, Trustees and Co-ordinators have been greatly encouraged in their work by generous support of many people.  From the outset individual church members got involved and several churches have given significant sums. The Police and Wychavon Community Safety Partnership came alongside with practical support advice and funds to get the project underway. But   the full launch this month would not have been possible without the larger donors who have now backed the project in this, our first year:

  • Evesham Town Council and Wychavon District Council who together released £5000 form the New Homes Bonus fund which will help us in both Year one and two
  • West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner, Bill Longmore, who has followed up on his own officers’ enthusiasm with a grant of £3000
  • John Martins Charity continuing its proud history of support for the young people of Evesham with a grant of £2000

We give our warm thanks to them all.


Cllr Mrs Francis Smith Vice Chair of Localism Wychavon DC and Cllr Mark Goodge Mayor of Evesham receiving the total New Homes Bonus cheque for Evesham from Mr Jack Hegarty MD of Wychavon DC

Cllr Mrs Francis Smith Vice Chair of Localism Wychavon DC and Cllr Mark Goodge Mayor of Evesham receiving the total New Homes Bonus cheque for Evesham from Mr Jack Hegarty MD of Wychavon DC

How to Help

You can help us financially (see below), or by joining us in prayer or even volunteering. Please contact us for details.

…….and now the week by week task begins with opportunities for everyone to help with a one off gift or better still a monthly standing order.  We would greatly appreciate gifts to cover the following things*:




Water 12 bottles




clubbers can over-heat
Lollipops 50 minis




makes everyone smile
Training 1 full (50 hrs)


3 per year


before they even start
Flip-flops 5 pairs




feet too sore/broken heals
Refreshments for Pastors 5 per night




four plus hours out in the cold
Annual Event & publicity




to say thank you to everyone
Registration & Insurances




essential for everyone

*unless specifically requested all funds received will be used for the general expenses of Evesham Street Pastors including all of the items listed above

All of the above can be given through Gift Aid so please do complete the slip below or download it here ESP GIFT AID AND STANDING ORDER if you can help:


Title (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Ms) __________ First name ________________ Surname _________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________

Town __________________________ County _________________ Postcode _________________

Phone ____________________________ Email _________________________________________

GIFT AID: By Gift Aiding £1 we can claim back an extra 25p from the government.

Please tick the box  if you can* help in this way:

I would like to Gift Aid all future donations until further notice                      □

*To qualify for Gift Aid, you must pay an amount of UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the tax that the charity reclaims on your donations in the appropriate tax year.


To: The Manager ____________________________________________ (Your Bank Name)

_____________________________________ (Bank address) ________________ (Bank Postcode)

Sort code ______________________ Account Number ______________________

Account in the name(s) of ____________________________________________

Please pay to Isle of Evesham Street Pastors account at Nationwide, High Street, Evesham Branch,

Account No 33333334, Sort Code 07-00-93 quoting the reference number below

For official use only

To the bank: Please quote the following reference on the standing order remittance__________

The sum of £_______ (please complete the amount)

On the _______ day of ___________ 20_____ (please complete the date you would like the first payment to be made, this must be at least 4 weeks from the date you send the form to allow time for processing) and the same sum MONTHLY on the same day of each following month until I notify you in writing.

Signed ____________________________ Date _____/_____/20_____

Please return this form to:

Evesham Street Pastors, c/o 10, Aspen Close, Evesham, WR11 1YY