Evesham Street Pastors evesham@streetpastors.org.uk

About Evesham Street Pastors

Evesham Street Pastors is a registered charity number 1156750


Evesham Street Pastors is an initiative run under the Churches Together in Evesham and District group.

We started on Friday October 4th 2013 and  will be out every Friday and some Saturdays and Super Sundays thereafter

We are based on the work of local churches including the Churches Together in Evesham group.

We will be on the streets of Evesham every Friday* from around 10pm to 3am – please come and say hello!

For more information please contact John Darby on 07747842192 or by email above

Evesham Observer 111013

* Subject to availability and unless our regular night is moved to accommodate e.g. New Year’s Eve